Massage Concierge Service

Hudson Wellness Center is now offering a massage concierge service that allows you to enjoy the massage you already love in the comfort of your own home!

Hudson Wellness Center, we subscribe to the idea that massage helps the individual’s innate inner intelligence free deep blocks in their body’s energy pattern and bring about a resolution of stuck patterns at the root of problems in their life and health. The mantra of the practice has been that massage relaxes tension, normalizes gland and organ function, and improves circulation.

What to expect during your massage: Our therapists are trained to guide you to better health and deep relaxation. The therapist will arrive at your specified location and provide everything for your therapeutic treatment. This includes the massage table, all oils and lotions, blankets, sheets and all other comfort items. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy 60 minutes of “you time”.

You will be encouraged to drink extra water in the days following your appointment which can help carry away toxins released from your soft tissues during the massage.

Concierge Pricing Options

  • $100
  • $145
  • $185